• Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems
    Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems

    ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development


  • Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.


  • High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources
    High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources

    The High Finesse LSA Laser Spectrum Analyser is designed to analyse the multi-line or broadband spectrum of light sources such as cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, and more.  Lastek currently have a demonstration system available for evaluation. 


Mad City Labs PicoQ Sensors are superior to capacitive Sensors


Nano-METZ position noise power spectrum showing flat response at low frequencies with position noise floor of 400 femtometer/√Hz. 

Mad City Labs' implementation of our exclusive PicoQ® sensor technology minimizes position noise for the best positioning resolution in the industry. Our high performance stages have moved beyond the realm of nanopositioning into picopositioning, leaving former competitors behind. Legacy capacitive sensors cannot achieve picometer resolution. The position noise power spectrum of the Nano-METZ is shown below left. Positioners with PicoQ® senorsexhibit noise floors in the femtometer/√Hz range and positioning resolution in the picometer range. Below right is a plot of the Nano-HS3M performing a 20 picometer peak-to-peak sine wave using the 20 bit DAC in the Mad City Labs USB interface, while the sensor is being rmeasured by the 24 bit ADC. The least signficant bit of the DAC is 5 picometers, and is clearly resolvable. Legacy capacitive sensors cannot measure anything at this level. Our competitors cannot produce similar data.

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Abberior STEDYCON: Imaging beyond barriers

STEDyCON Titelbild flacher

Abberior Instruments is known for extraordinary customization ability of its flexible STED microscope platform. We now take things in a different direction. We have developed a completely new instrument, the ultimate compact STED plus confocal microscope, called STEDYCON.

STEDYCON is a completely new class of nanoscope. It converts your conventional epifluorescence microscope into a powerful multicolor confocal and STED system! At the same time, it is incredibly compact and can be used by anyone!

  • Convert your existing microscope - Instantly upgrade any epifluorescence microscope body to multicolor confocal and STED capabilities.
  • Get top-notch STED performance - With STEDYCON your microscope will image at 30nm resolution.
  • Save Space - The incredibly compact STEDYCON comes at the size of a camera.
  • Plug & Play - The STEDYCON is assembled within minutes. It simply connects to the C-mount camera port of your microscope with no need for optical alignment.
  • Service and maintenance free - The laser beams of the STEDYCON are aligned by design as provided by its patent-protected 'easySTED' optical arrangement.
  • Innovative web-based user interface - The STEDYCON can be controlled via a browser on any PC, MAC or even a tablet!

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Ocean Optics and Land Rover Take on the “Trail by Fire”

The “Trail by Fire” project, funded by the 2015 bursary from Land Rover and the Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of British Geographers) is an ambitious scientific expedition which will attempt to quantify the total amount of volatiles released by volcanoes along the Nazca subduction zone. Land Rover have turned a Defender 110 into the world’s first 4×4 volcano observatory, able to reach and measure active volcanoes never studied before.

Ocean Optics is proud to be a part of this expedition with Flame spectrometers measuring volcanic emissions on this journey of discovery.

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Solartron Analytical introduces the Apps-Lab XM Series

 Apps XM

Solartron Analytical’s new Apps-XM series of Xtreme Measurement products are each precisely focused on the requirements for specific applications.  These exciting new products have a much smaller footprint than most competitive units - delivering unmatched XM measurement performance while taking less of your restricted lab space.  Each XM module is individually calibrated using Solartron Analytical’s unique multi-point calibration and tested to rigorous standards ensuring best accuracy. Systems available:

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Fluorophores for Superresolution Microscopy: High Quality Primary Antibodies Conjugated to Abberior Dyes

Tom22 confocal

Vero cells labeled with Anti-Tom22 coupled to Abberior STAR 635P, Abberior STAR 600, Abberior STAR 580, Abberior STAR 440SXP imaged using confocal microscopy.

Abberior is pleased to announce its collaboration with Miltenyi Biotec to offer a custom conjugation of Abberior Dyes to primary antibodies from Miltenyi Biotec. Abberior offers fluorescent dyes and labels that are exceptionally well suited for superresolution microscopy such as STED, GSD, PALM, STORM, GSDIM, SIM, and RESOLFT. They also give outstanding results in confocal and epifluorescence microscopy as well as in single-molecule applications.  Now, in addition, customers can use the conjugation service offered by Miltenyi Biotec to get the primary antibody of choice coupled to any Abberior dye.

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Becker & Hickl: Small ps diode lasers deliver high power

 Bds mm fibre 01 rr comp80

The Becker & Hickl BDS Series picosecond diode lasers combine small size with high power. The lasers come in industry-standard housings just 40 x 40 x 110 mm in size. Electronics is contained in the laser housing, the lasers are operated from a simple +12V wall-mounted power supply. The BDS-SM single-mode version has two internal repetition rates (20 MHz and 50 MHz) and a CW mode. Power is up to 5 mW in the pulsed mode and 50 mW in the CW mode. The pulse width is from 60 ps to 200 ps, depending on the wavelength version and the power. The lasers are available with free-beam output, with a permanently installed single-mode fibre, or with single-mode fibre couplers. The BDS-MM high-power multi-mode version delivers ps pulses at an average power up to 60 mW. It has two repetition rates, 50 MHz and 20 MHz. The BDS-MM version is available with a free-beam output or with a multi-mode fibre output. All BDS series lasers can be synchronised to an external clock source, have internal power stabilisation feedback, and fast on/off (modulation) capability.

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Laser Quantum gem laser vs Range Rover!

Ever wondered how robust a Laser Quantum laser is? Ever wanted to see its reliability proved in a real life example? Well now you can. A series of videos has been created showing the robustness and reliability of their lasers, with the first one now launched! Watch above to see video of the gem laser being put through its paces as it is run over by a Range Rover.  

piezosystem jena: MIPOS 600 SG OEM: New Objective Positioner with up to 600 µm travel range

Objective piezo stage MIPOS 500SG 01 f0ece11ce7

The MIPOS family of microscope objective positioners from piezosystem jena welcomes its newest member: the MIPOS 600 SG OEM. It can handle objectives with up to 40 mm in diameter and is ideally suited for applications like surface scanning, scan interferometry or even beam focusing in printing processes. 

The MIPOS 600 SG OEM can travel up to 600 µm in open loop and up to 500 µm in closed loop operation. It has the longest travel range of all MIPOS models. The resolution is in the sub-nanometer-range which allows for very precise lens focusing. The MIPOS 600 SG is characterized by highly parallel motion and a high resonant frequency. This is possible thanks to a special parallelogram design by piezosystem jena and an integrated preload.

The MIPOS 600 SG OEM is also available in an “upside down” version for inverse microscopy. A flex adapter lets you easily fix the MIPOS onto the microscope. There are also additional clamping screws for major microscope brands like Zeiss, Leica, Nikon and Olympus. For optimal resolution of the MIPOS 600 SG OEM we recommend using the NV40/1 amplifier.

Ames Photonics LARRY: A Low-cost replacement/upgrade CCD detector for spectrographs

Larry USB Series

The Ames Photonics LARRY USB2000 and LARRY USB4000 scientific-grade detectors are excellent for reviving or upgrading spectrographs. These cost-effective detectors incorporate a Ø42.5 x 6 mm mounting boss, identical to that of Newport Oriel LineSpec detectors. This allow for easy coupling to many popular spectrographs such as the Oriel MS125 and SPEX 500M ½-meter spectrographs. In fact, these detectors can directly replace the Newport Oriel LineSpec CCD detectors, but at a fraction of the cost.

The LARRY USB series detectors are fully compatible with Ocean Optics software, enabling a broad scope of features and long-term, up-to-date software and hardware support. For integration into existing systems, these detectors are compatible with and fully controllable via the Ocean Optics OmniDriver SDK, as well as LabView.

Ames Photonics also offer a variety of mounting adapters and plates for integrating the LARRY USB series detectors into other instruments and devices, with custom plates/adapters also available.

Compatible with:

  • Newport Oriel spectrographs such as MS125, MS127i, MS260i, FICS
  • SPEX 500M ½-meter spectrographs (replaces 1451X exit slit assembly)
  • Any other spectrographs with output plane ≥10 mm outside of the spectrograph
  • Other devices - let us know and we can customise an adapter for you!

Thorlabs Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Imaging Systems

OCT Cross Section Finger A1 354

OCT Cross-Sectional Image of a Human Finger.
Layers of Skin: E-Epidermis; D-Dermis; BV-Blood Vessels.
Image Size: 4.9 mm x 2.6 mm. Image Taken with a Telesto Series OCT System.

Thorlabs provides solutions for the field of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) imaging on the system, subsystem, and component level. Our drive for innovation is shaping our entire rapidly expanding product line. Complete SD-OCT systems are available that are out-of-the-box ready for biological, industrial, and research applications. In addition to standard OCT systems, Thorlabs offers Doppler OCT extensions for specialized applications. For customers building or modifying their own system, a line of components that have been tested for use in OCT applications is available. In addition to the growing portfolio of standard OCT systems that are offered, Thorlabs is dedicated to providing OCT solutions to meet specific applications. Please contact us to discuss how our OCT technologies can be applied to meet your unique requirements.  Please click here for more details.

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